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Whole Hog Butchery Workshop


with Chef John Richter

A great workshop for those interested in the art of butchery - utilizing the whole animal through a combination of demo and practical hands on techniques. Chef John is an experienced butcher and teacher at a number of fine dining establishments such as the French Laundry and other leading restaurants in the Bay Area. He is an advocate for the local and sustainable meat scene and hopes to share his knowledge and skills with all those who attend.

• Breakdown of a Half Hog
• Cuts, Uses and Cultural Styles of Hog
• Fabricating Chops - Basic Roast Tying and
Steak Cutting
• Offal - Explanation and Uses

Hands On:
• Sausage Basics - Meat Selection,
Marination, Grinding, Mixing, Stuffing
and Linking

Wine, Charcuterie and Cheese will be made available to guests, followed by a meal utilizing the above cuts of meat:
• Bratwurst/Italian Sausage
• Grilled Pork Heart and Crispy Tail with
Wild Rice with Frisee Salad
• Pork Loin Chops with Applesauce, Glazed
Carrots and a Quick Pan Sauce

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